Monroe County Jury Verdict for Chris Parrish

The defendant rear-ended plaintiff at 35 mph and defendant stipulated to liability. Plaintiff was 64 years old and claimed she sustained an aggravation of her pre-existing herniated discs in her cervical and lumbar spine. She underwent chiropractic treatment, injections and iontophoresis treatments with pain management.  Her neurosurgeon expert, Rodwan Rajjoub, MD, opined that she sustained a myoligamentous cervical and lumbar sprain/strain with aggravation of the underlying herniated disc and spondylosis. He opined that she would require long term drug therapy treatment for her chronic pain.

Defendant’s expert orthopedic surgeon, Michael Raklewicz, M.D. opined that she sustained a cervical and lumbar sprain/strain with aggravation of her underlying spondylosis. He opined that her injuries would have resolved in 6 weeks to 3 months.

Plaintiff demanded $85,000.  Plaintiff was offered $15,000. The jury awarded $7,500.

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